Five Things to Look For in Commercial Cleaning Services Before Hiring on a More Frequent Basis

Most of the honest testimonials you’ll hear from friends or see on the internet for Commercial Cleaning services are either hit or miss. There are many professional cleaning companies that provide help for various one-off or frequent cleaning sessions but not all of these services are created equally. You will surely find some testimonials about generally poor service and customer care. To avoid such unfortunate events, make sure to look for the following qualities when looking for someone to clean your office.

1. Affiliation. Some commercial cleaners work for cleaning companies, but there are many who work independently. Usually, independent workers charge lower than those that are affiliated with company providers. However, the advantage of hiring cleaners that work for a particular company is that you are protected in cases of loss or theft. Moreover, you can easily report a cleaner to an employer in case the job was not correctly done.

2. Trustworthiness. This factor is a bit difficult to validate, even after a commercial cleaner has cleaned for you several times, avoid setting up an appointment if you won’t be present for quite a long time. Moreover, build trust by striking up typical conversations and constantly asking how the work is going, if you are not around to supervise. Always commend a job well done and make it known when you are not satisfied with the previous session.

3. Attention to details. A good office cleaner has keen attention to details. Inspect hard-to-reach surfaces as well as areas under the rugs and remind the cleaner not to miss them.

4. Compliance. Cleaners should not necessarily be too submissive, but they should not be too cheeky as well. It is always highly recommended to have someone supervise the cleaning if you cannot do it, so you will immediately see if one or all of the cleaners are bad or pleasant. Moreover, explain the terms of your contract, even if you just scheduled a one-off cleaning session.

5. Enthusiasm and professionalism. Cleaning can be extremely monotonous and difficult. It is important to choose a domestic cleaner who has a positive, can-do attitude. This will surely make the work a lot less dull.

Once you have verified the identity and the qualities of the cleaners, make sure to avoid giving them too much freedom, so they would still work professionally. However, be sensitive to their needs as well. Create an agreement that tells them to let you know if they are not coming to work, so you can get a reliever.

Ideally, you should stick to one cleaner for all your needs, to make sure that you can easily teach him or her how to clean your office the way you want to. However, do not be too trusting that you would leave your valuable belongings in plain view of the cleaning agents to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Dirty commercial businesses aren’t the only ones who suffer. Everyone does.

Germs multiply at an alarming rate; allergens get unleashed onto the world; people take ill and miss work; customers get turned off by poor environs; employee morale drops like a steel bar dropped in concrete. It gets nasty.

Priority Commercial Cleaning is the answer to dirty carpets, filthy areas and soiled furniture. We offer same-day service, with no hidden charges for weekends, holidays, after regular business hours or any other time. We simply do what needs doing so your business can thrive.

Priority Commercial Cleaning
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