Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, especially if you have a product or service that you already sell. It is also the perfect “side-hustle” for many people because it can be done from anywhere there’s an internet connection, and doesn’t require much overhead.

The first thing that needs to be considered when trying to earn money with affiliate marketing is what your website will be offering as far as products go. This means thinking about existing products that you’re already selling on your site (if you have one), or finding something new. There are several ways to find good products:

A) You can research other similar sites/blogs by using Google Keyword Planner to see which keywords they rank for, then finding affiliate programs that are related to those keywords.

B) You can use Google Trends to see what the most searched-for products are at any given time, or you can look into Amazon rankings by using Amazons bestseller list. If a product is selling well on Amazon it’s likely that there’s an affiliate program for it.

The second thing that needs to be considered when trying get money with affiliate marketing is how your website will be linking out to stores/products/services where readers can purchase said items. There are 4 different types of links:

A) Text Links – These links appear like normal text and take up very little room on your page. They make it easy for people to navigate and give your content a professional look.

Text links are usually paid for by the retailer/advertiser who has products to sell, but there are some websites that charge you a small percentage of sales made through your link – these are called “affiliate programs”.

B) Banner Ads – These ads can be static or animated. They tend to appear on the side of pages and give readers an ad without taking up too much of their screen real estate. This is where affiliate advertising tends to shine: banners will show up more often than text links and they draw more attention because they’re larger and more colorful. Some companies will let you pick which banner you want to show on your site, while others automatically choose it based on the page’s content (which is why you need to be careful with the way your site looks).

C) Content-link Ads – This type of link is an ad that has been pulled in through the Google AdSense program. It’s basically a normal text link, but it can be anything from your site’s logo to informational articles about your product/service.

D) Product Feeds – These are lists of products that you’ve chosen to display on your website which detail what they are and sometimes even show pictures. You can generate these feeds using existing ecommerce platforms like Shopify, or you can use individual affiliate programs’ “widget tools” (these widgets look like shopping carts on blogs with dynamic pricing based on the amount of items in each cart). When somebody buys something through your product feed, you get a commission of what is usually between 2% – 6%.

The third thing that needs to be considered when trying make money with affiliate marketing is how you will use (or not use) other people’s content. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to not use copyrighted images on your site or in any of the ads/links you add. If possible add your own original images and designs so it’s clear that this isn’t just a copy-paste job from somebody else. It will give you much more credibility in the long run because only someone who really knows their stuff will go through all the effort of making a website look good and ensuring that there aren’t any copyright infringements in it.

The last thing to consider is how you will track your affiliate links and products so that you know what promotions actually bring in the best ROI. One way of doing this is by using a WordPress plugin like YARPP (which stands for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This plugin allows you to place related posts at the end of every post, giving readers ready-made content without having to leave your site – potentially boosting visitor numbers (and thus conversions) significantly.

Another way of tracking affiliate marketing success is through Google Analytics: set up an account and then look into creating different reports based on what you’re looking for. For example if you want to see which keywords are bringing people through.

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