So You Have Water Damage? – How to Prevent Mold Damage

When disasters such as floods take place, the carpets and other parts of the homes might get submerged in water. In such cases, the task of restoration has to be carried out immediately without any significant delays. People avoid taking immediate actions due to the fear of expenses which are involved in restoration processes.

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A lot of expenses are involved in the process of restoration. However, the extent of damage caused by water damage plays an important role in determining the expenses which would be needed to perform restoration. The expenses also increase with the increase in delay which is made in taking appropriate actions after the occurrence of water damage. The inability to take necessary steps against water damage on time may pose serious threats to home or businesses as well as the occupant’s health. In order to avoid such adverse effects, people should take the following steps when water damage occurs:

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• Electricity – The electricity should be powered off whenever water damage occurs. Whenever a power failure occurs on occurrence of events such as floods, the electricity may suddenly come back on resulting in damage to various electronic equipment. At times it may also result in a short circuit, or worse result in a fire.

• Walls – In the event of water damage from a flood or burst pipe, people should examine their walls carefully in order to determine the extent of water damage. If sheetrock or drywall is exposed to moisture for a long duration, it will result in mold growth if not dried out quick enough.

• Gas – The gas should be turned off when water damage takes place.

• Pictures – Whenever events such as floods take place, people should document the loss with plenty of pictures of their house and contents in order to file a claim with their insurance company. Any items damaged in the loss will be covered by your insurance company and having proof is the first step.

• The excess of water present inside the home of a person should be drained out of the house. If water damage is caused by sewage water or river water or salty water, then carpets have to be discarded and replaced with new ones for health reasons. If there is a large amount of standing water, a pump should be used in order to drain out the excess water from the structure. Wet/dry vacuums can also be used to perform the task of draining out water, but generally should only be used for a small amount of excess water.

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The areas of a house which have been affected adversely by water damage should be dried immediately by making use of dehumidifiers and multiple fans.

With amount of things to take care of after a home flood, it can be a daunting task and should be left up the professionals. Even if you have the right equipment and moisture meters to dry out the structure you may not think to take care of something small which could result in mold damage. For example not everyone knows that they need to remove all the baseboards otherwise the Sheetrock behind the baseboards won’t dry fast enough to prevent mold. Call a professional and have it taken care of right the first time.

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